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Roll-Up Cushion
Requirements 24th February

There is a choice of two sizes of cushion to make - 13" square (small) or 15.5" square (large)

Top fabric (plain or patterned cotton) - 25 squares cut 4" (small cushion) or 4.5" (large cushion)

Backing fabric (cotton or calico) - 25 squares cut 3" (small cushion) or 3.5" (large cushion)

Cushion back (to tone with front) 13" or 15.5" square, depending on size cushion to be made

Binding & ties (to tone with front) - bias binding 80" (small cushion) or 90" (large cushion)
(straight binding can be used to save fabric)
Cut your own bias strips 2"-2.5" wide for double binding technique

Sewing kit and toning thread (cushion can be hand or machine stitched with hand finishing)

Washable stuffing / wadding offcuts