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REQUIREMENTS - Bag approx 13.5" wide x 10" tall


To make the outside of the bag you will need:
long quarter fabric 1 - this will be the strips on the front and/or strip between top and bottom
long quarter fabric 2 - this will be the tops of the bag front and back and/or strips
1/2 yard fabric 3 - this will be strips plus handles

1/2 yard lining fabric
1/2 yard wadding / Vilene iron-on fleece H640 or equivalent
large button to match

If you want to complete the bag on the workshop day, prior to the workshop sew together 2 1/2" wide strips (see diagram below).  These strips should be width of fabric (WOF).  Take care to sew seams in opposite directions to keep these long strips straight.  Sew 7 x 2.5" strips together, keep an accurate 1/4" seam as the bag template fits with very little waste.


Other Requirements 

sewing machine & all accessories
thread to match fabrics
scissors, needles, pins and other basic sewing kit
rotary cutter, mat and ruler

To make a copy of the templates to make more bags at home:
2 sheets of A4 paper
something to write with (a biro or pencil will do)
a pair of paper scissors